Comedian Mike Cannon Doesn’t Want To Talk About Phish

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Taking 150mg of legal edibles before stepping on a stage probably isn’t ideal for most, but Mike Cannon took it as an opportunity to tape his third independently produced comedy special. “Mike Cannon’s Huge Mistake” was released on YouTube August 17th with no real plan other than to have a great time. And according to what we saw, he made no mistakes. Marijuana in all forms has been a staple in Cannon’s life since giving it a (second) go in college. He says he uses it to quell his rage, but we think there’s many a hilarious reason comedy and cannabis go hand-in-hand. And comedian Mike Cannon, “rage” and all, is a prime example of why.

High Times: When did you start doing comedy and do you remember how much your first paying gig was?

Mike Cannon: I started doing comedy in 2008 in New York, which I wouldn’t recommend. I got paid way too much for my first paying gig too, which never happens. I got $300 for doing an hour of comedy for LIM College in Manhattan when I was a month and half into stand-up.

$300? Some people get a drink ticket! You must’ve thought you were hot shit.

Yes! I thought I was going to be Katt Williams! I thought, this is the beginning of becoming a millionaire soon enough!

What’s your history with weed? First time?

The first time I smoked weed, I think I was 15 because it was at a soccer party when I was a sophomore. There was a long tradition where the seniors forced everyone to smoke weed at this “pasta party.” The pasta party was where everyone loaded up on carbs and smoked weed the night before the game. Everyone was loading up on carbs, meanwhile, everyone …

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Author: Ali Lerman / High Times

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