Expanding the Brand: Why Cannabis Loves Merch

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If you’re (trying to stay) active with the community on Instagram, you probably noticed before long that just about every weed brand, strain, and phrase has an entire merch business built around it. While to the outsider this might seem strange, or tacky, within the culture wearing the right thing is just as much a sign of awareness as it is clout, and we all know how kids go crazy for clout. In fact, this is how we wound up with so many middle schoolers in Texas wearing Cookies gear – those kids aren’t smoking Cookies, but they want their friends to think so.

The transference that occurs from wearing the right thing is nothing new. From Jordan’s to AP’s, suits to crowns way back when, fashion and accessories have long been used to communicate the lifestyle of its wearer from the first glance, and it’s the driver of billions of dollars every year.

Diversification works Everywhere

Now, while I know that everyone thinks cash is pouring out of the walls for cannabis operators, the reality of the game today is much more sobering. Especially for brands operating on the over-regulated and taxed recreational market. How are these guys supposed to increase their profits enough to ensure they survive (if not grow) through another season of the sinking cost per pound? Well friends, as it turns out, the margins on soft goods are much better than they are on weed today.

But it’s not just a profit game. This visible clout transference doubles as brand awareness marketing for the operator. As everyone from fashion houses to bands know, the best way to familiarize outsiders with your brand is to mobilize as many walking billboards (fans) as you possibly can. This works for literally everyone with …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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