Legalaew: Thailand’s Woodstock

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Thailand’s politicians erroneously believed that they could establish cannabis regulations before removing the plant from its list of narcotics. The deadline came and went, and a two-day event called “Legalaew”—which translates to “Legal Already”—happened on June 11th and 12th.

Arriving at the Highland event, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d visited Chopaka earlier in the day to purchase my first gram of legal flower. I figured I’d treat myself and opted for a gram of End Game at nearly $30USD. Prices are likely to decrease once the hype dies down a bit. But I have to say, it’s one of the highest-quality nugs I’ve acquired in the Land of Smiles.

Chopaka / Courtesy of Louis LeveyThailand has come a long way from the compressed—yet impressively potent —brick weed tied together with bright red twine. And I suspect that with more influence coming in from abroad, we’ll see even more high-quality herb hitting shelves nationwide.

Ominous clouds and heavy rainfall characterized the first few hours of Legalaew. Shoulder-to-shoulder under a large white tent with other passionate consumers, I wondered whether the event would actually happen.

An hour later, the rain lightened up and the skunky scent of perfectly cured ganja filled the air. With no laws surrounding the plant and public nuisance laws remaining the only tool for policing consumption, it was nearly an absolute free-for-all experience packed with good vibes and smiling faces.

Courtesy of Louis LeveyThe only thing stickier than the herb being smoked were the mud and sand beneath our feet. It was absolutely caked up from the rain and had everyone watching their steps.

The event took place in the middle of Nakhon Pathom, around an hour and a half from central Bangkok. Joints and bongs were …

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Author: Louis Levey / High Times

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