Problem Unveils ‘106 & Spark’ Show with Spoon and The Cannabis Cutie

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106 & Spark is a new 20-minute countdown entertainment talk show that covers the many facets of music with celebrity interviews, coverage of pop culture trends, cannabis education, entertainment tid-bits, and popular Black culture. The show recently launched exclusively on ALTRD.TV, streaming into households everywhere. 

It’s executive produced by Grammy Award-nominated hip-hop artist Problem, aka Jason L. Martin, and hosted by social media personality Tammy “The Cannabis Cutie” Pettigrew and emerging artist Spoon, aka Sean Chris Spooner.

106 & Spark puts a fresh spin on the countdown format, and its debut season features a broad mix of celebrity appearances, surprise studio visits, and countdowns, often tailored for the cannabis space. 

“I want to tackle what’s next and what’s now,” Problem told High Times. “It will be an opportunity to know what’s hot, and we can tell them what’s hot. We learn things all the time. Those are not scripted; Those are not anything we’re reading from. Just hard facts. We have Spoon putting on the fly shit and letting everyone know. And not just for people who engage in cannabis all day.” 

Courtesy of 106 & SparkThe show hosts aren’t limiting themselves to big names only in both music and cannabis. “I want to really broaden the horizon of what the world of cannabis is,” Problem added. “I think that there’s so many misconceptions about stoners.” 

Problem appeared on 106 & Park several times, which helped him learn the business of the industry, learning about slots and advertising costs. It ended up being a great learning experience for the rapper. 

He wants to include artists who are challenging the norm instead of mindlessly churning out mediocre material. “Just like how using cannabis and growing cannabis is starting to be—for lack of better words—gentrified,” …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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