Proper Doinks: The Art of the Roll

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To discover the optimal way to smoke the world’s best weed, the team of iron lungs behind Proper Doinks worked their way backward. After rolling up the same selections side-by-side, the cannabis wasn’t always revealing its best expression. To uncover why they broke down the smoking process step-by-step. Embedded in the California cannabis scene, Adam Pain and Paul Christmon already had access to incredible weed. But was the key to an impeccable puff in the grind? The tightness of the roll? The way a joint is hit and ashed? Proper Doinks offers an answer to an important cultural question of our time: How do we achieve the perfect high? 

To tell the tale, I’ll start from the ending and work my way backward. Pain, Christmon, and I have finished our interview and the still-smoking doink is sitting on the table upright, twisting smoke upward like an incense cone. We’ve been smoking that singular doink for the entirety of our 40-minute conversation held within the comfortable confines of the Chronic Culture lounge in San Francisco and I am absolutely blitzed. It’s only after I turn off my audio recording that I learn it was Blueprint’s new strain, Chef, that left me so stoned. That’s because we haven’t been discussing what we’ve been smoking, but how we’ve been smoking.

The differentiator between joint and “doink” is in the quantity of weed.

“A doink is an eighth and up,” Pain explains. “Roll up an eighth or higher? That’s a doink.”

“If it’s over 5 grams the ‘d’ now includes a ‘th,’ it’s a thoink,” Christmon says. “You know? You gotta put the tongue between the teeth when you say it.”

High Times Magazine, April 2023

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Author: Ellen Holland / High Times

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