Styles P Celebrates 20 Years of Good Times in NYC

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In terms of cannabis-themed tracks, Styles P hits it right on the nose with “Good Times.” Many smokers and avid music listeners don’t understand the criteria for making a “weed record” in the first place. First and foremost, a common misconception is that it is simply a cool song to listen to while baked. This is where I beg to differ and have taken it upon myself to add a rule: the song must be about smoking cannabis or contain at least one extremely overt and memorable mention of the consumption of the sticky icky. Then, and only then, will it qualify. 

So yes, when The Notorious B.I.G. on “Dead Wrong” exclaims, “Relax and take notes while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke,” that was the qualifier straight out of the park. I went ahead and made a Spotify playlist of such qualifiers available here. I kept the playlist mostly rap because it is in celebration of a hip-hop classic with some other genre qualifiers, for either trolling or educational purposes. Take your pick.

“Good Times” over-qualifies with virtually every line being about the inhalation of that sweet green. For example, Styles hits us with lines like, “Ayo, I smoke like a chimney, ‘matter fact I smoke like a gun,” and “I smoke like the hippies did back in the ’70s.” In essence, this track is just too significant for us stoners to ignore—especially the Dutch Masters-smoking, Timberland-wearing, Sour Diesel/Haze-copping old heads from that era. To gain further insight, I was able to track down Devin Horwitz, the original High Times magazine contributor from 20 years ago who interviewed a young artist named Holiday Styles, who we now know today as Styles P. He couldn’t remember much, other than, “Upsetting many staff members at …

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Author: Seth Zaplin / High Times

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