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Ian Lara, The Romantic Comic

In a lean but not very mean 40-minute special for HBO Max, Ian Lara not only scores laughs but tells great stories that are, really, contained romantic comedies. It’s just a smooth special. From beginning until the end, it’s consistent, not to mention gracefully crafted, thanks to director and comedian Aida Rodriguez. Sometimes when comedians… Keep Reading

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Smoking with the Homies Paul Wall & Termanology

Paul Wall laughs easily—even through his customized silver grillz, a staple for the Houston-bred rap legend. His laid-back demeanor, approachability, and obvious humility have made him “The People’s Champ,” a rapper and entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to admit his shortcomings and deepest insecurities. It’s a refreshing quality, especially in hip-hop where bravado and ego often… Keep Reading

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