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Gavin Rossdale Shows How Celebrity Weed Features Should Be Done

Since breaking through with Sixteen Stone in 1994, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale has been a music industry mainstay. The debut album peaked at #4 on the Billboard charts, leading to successful albums and side projects over the next three decades. In all, Rossdale and Bush have amassed 24 million record sales and over a billion streams. … Keep Reading

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Most Affected: Danny Rodriguez, Two-Time Victim of the Justice System

Danny Rodriguez’s first sentence, occurring in 1994 at the age of 20, was eventually deemed unconstitutional, but not before robbing him of 12 more years in prison than it should have. Rather than receiving a maximum ten years for the charge, he served 22. After over two decades in prison, Rodriguez was released and became… Keep Reading

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High Times Greats: Frank Zappa, In Memoriam

In the April, 1994 edition of High Times, writer Nate Eaton remembers musician Frank Zappa, who died December 4, 1993. When word of Frank Zappa’s death (on Dec. 4) hit the news, I couldn’t help but feel American music had suffered a profound loss. More than any other artist over the past 30 years, Zappa… Keep Reading

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