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From the Archives: Noam Chomsky (1998)

By John Veit A hundred years from now, Avram Noam Chomsky is going to figure in the history books as the prime voice of conscience, dissent and reason in the wars and social catastrophes of the late 20th century. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s, he began an intellectual revolution in the… Keep Reading

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EYEHATEGOD: Trap House Storytellers of the Nod

The obscene rumble of feedback and a queef of sarcasm resonated from the stage. Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Long before I arrived at the Bokeh Lounge in Evansville to witness a performance from the godfathers of New Orleans, arguably the nastiest band in the sludge genre, EYEHATEGOD, there was a distinct possibility… Keep Reading

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Reebok Releases Hemp Sneaker with Maharishi

Sneaker collectors might have a new model to scratch off their lists, made from sustainable hemp. On Friday Reebok and London-based streetwear label Maharishi announced their second collaboration: the Maharishi x Reebok LT Court Hemp, a fine vintage take on the Reebok Court classic style. Maharishi has been incorporating hemp fiber as a fabric in their… Keep Reading

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Drink to Your Health

In California, it’s called Cali sober, but all over the world people are switching from alcohol to cannabis-infused beverages, purposefully doing away with drunkenness, cognitive fumbling, and stumbling—and possibly that walk of shame the next morning—along with the hangovers. Harm reduction is the new buzzword for switching to weed, with people across the country choosing… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: I Smoked Pot With the Governator! (2009)

By Tommy Chong I met Arnold Schwarzenegger at Gold’s Gym in 1968, when he first arrived from Europe. He was 21 years old and could barely speak English. He was the talk of the bodybuilding world and had already won his first Mr. Universe title, in the 1967 competition sponsored by NABBA (the National Amateur… Keep Reading

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #27: Art Trippy

August has been a whirlwind. From Outsidelands in San Francisco to Jimi’s fourth Transbay Challenge taking place in LA for the first time, my travels have taken me from great grow, to great show, seemingly countless times this month. There’s been a LOT of heat to sort through! While my cup is certainly overflowing with… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: Blood and Guts in High School (1983)

By Kathy Acker excerpt from Janey’s diary: THE SCORPIONS I was running around with a wild bunch of kids and I was scared. We were part of the Scorpions. Daddy no longer loved me. That was it. I was desperate to find the love he had taken away from me. My friends were just like… Keep Reading

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Frenchy Cannoli’s Legacy Still Aligns With the Farmers

One of the most precious things the pandemic took away from each and every one of us was our ability to gather together. This absence of community these past few years is something that feels more acute in the world of weed. After all, we’re the originators of puff, puff, pass. To truly love the… Keep Reading

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