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Another year being weird is in the books, and what an eventful one it’s been! From THCa to Schedule III, our community is jumping through as many loopholes as ever, and with just as many doomsayers out there waiting to yuck our yum. It can be both exhausting and exhilarating at the same damn time.

As usual though, while the doom & gloom may be great for headlines & clicks, the hearts of the diehards beat on. Our demise is continuously overstated – we’re a resilient kind. We continue to find a way.

Over the past year we’ve covered some major ground in our little experiment over here – from fighting bullshit legislation, to sounding the alarm about spray terps, rebranding the term stoner to praising mylar bags – it’s hard to think of any hot button issues we DIDN’T bitch about. We campaigned for small batch, and macrodosing, while asking important questions like ‘can weed bring us closer to god?’ and ‘who raised you fucking people?’. I called many of us addicts, while Matt called those who don’t smoke cops. (Only teasing, he didn’t say that.) But to say we’ve got range, and depth, at this point I’d say that’s a pretty massive understatement. We’re fuckin’ meta, baby. (The adjective, not the company.) It’s crazy to see the legs this lil’ section has developed, and the voices that are now asking to be a part of it – we’re truly just getting started…

But if you remember last year’s recap, I had promised to evolve this section with some new features & assets that I thought would be coming online and well… they didn’t. Instead, some other things happened, and we’ve had to take a different direction, …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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