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The regulated cannabis market has come a long way from its illicit roots, but the formula to succeed in this game has never really changed for anyone paying close enough attention.

I say this with particular regard to two factors: financing and company focus. In my humble opinion as a man who has spent most of his life around the plant, the best weed has always been grown by people who are self-funded and focused on quality of the weed itself with little regard for marketing strategy, sales gimmicks, mylar art etc. All those things are still important, but they should not be the top priority.

Enter Parlay LA, a company cultivating in downtown Los Angeles with around 300 lights and a small team. They’ve been operating in the recreational space since May of 2020. I spoke to the owner of Parlay who respectfully asked to keep their name out of the public eye. Their perspective on the legal market was refreshing in that they are uber-focused on producing the best possible cannabis for the best possible price without breaking the unwritten rules passed down from the days of prohibition. 

“Parlay stands for sticking to the code. I don’t know how to explain. There’s an unspoken code of ethics for cannabis, and I feel as though we try to keep the standards high in all aspects,” the owner of Parlay said. “Whether it’s the quality or whether it’s the way that we conduct ourselves or whether it’s how we treat our friends in the game. There’s just too much silliness that goes about nowadays and we’re not into the gimmicks.”

In the cutthroat recreational market of California, a big chunk of the larger companies out there have gotten where they are by cutting corners, …

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Author: Patrick Maravelias / High Times

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