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California Psychedelics Legalization Advocates Push for 2026 Ballot Initiative

Psychedelics policy reform advocates in California are calling for a ballot initiative to legalize certain drugs including psilocybin and MDMA after legislative attempts at change failed to cross the finish line two years in a row. Last year, California lawmakers approved a bill from Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener that would have allowed regulated access… Keep Reading

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Signatures for South Dakota Adult-Use Cannabis Initiative Submitted

Advocates in South Dakota recently turned in a batch of signatures to get their adult-use cannabis initiative on the ballot in November. South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws (SDBML) collected 29,030 signatures and submitted them on May 7, which was the deadline set by the Secretary of State Monae Johnson’s office. Out of that amount,… Keep Reading

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Cannabis Community, Investors React to DEA Decision To Reschedule

Cannabis advocates, executives and investors are celebrating the Drug Enforcement Administration’s reported decision this week to reclassify marijuana under federal drug laws, a development that spurred rejoicing from coast to coast and a spike in cannabis stock prices. The celebrations were tempered, however, by the reality that the decision falls short of the full marijuana… Keep Reading

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A Commitment to the Culture

Legal cannabis businesses exist today only because longtime advocates and cultivators have paved the way for progress. Co-founded by longtime cultivators Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell under the CannaCraft company umbrella, Farmer and the Felon has two primary missions: First, to preserve cannabis history and collaborate with legacy cultivators who have spent decades growing the… Keep Reading

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