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Killer Mike Says Government Should Give Weed Industry to Black People

Killer Mike just made massive headlines when he was arrested and detained at the Grammys, but speaking out on this incident hasn’t been the only time he’s made the news in the past month. He also spoke up about the government giving the marijuana industry to Black people. Killer Mike was detained and subsequently released… Keep Reading

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Psychedelic Advocate Facing Charges Calls for Help, Law Reform in New York

Friday, June 10, psychedelic advocate Aaron Genuth was arrested in Ulster County by New York State Police officers. He is facing serious charges for allegedly possessing several psychedelics including LSD, MDMA, ketamine, and psilocybin. Genuth is calling upon the psychedelic community for help. Genuth’s vehicle was impounded, and beyond the severe charges he’s facing, he… Keep Reading

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Man Leaves Two Pounds of Pot in Uber, is Arrested Trying to Retrieve It

A Pennsylvania man who left two pounds of pot in an Uber driver’s vehicle was arrested by police when he tried to retrieve the weed. Malik Mollett, 21, was arrested by undercover state troopers on January 9, according to media reports. Mollett had hailed a Uber near Pittsburgh late last month, but at the end of… Keep Reading

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