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Kool & the Gang Is A Generational Groove

George Brown is grateful for the love. As the esteemed drummer and percussionist for the Grammy Award winning band Kool & the Gang reflects on his career in music, he really wants to thank the fans who have supported the music group across the globe all of these years. “It’s become generational,” Brown said during… Keep Reading

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Macy Grey Talks About the Evolution of Music: Our Video of the Week

Title: Dope Life | Macy Gray Creator: Dope Magazine Description: Grammy Award winner Macy Gray sits down to discuss the evolution of the music industry, her new album, travel as an influence and cannabis as a medicine. For more videos, download the HIGH TIMES TV app on Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device or visit tv.hightimes.com The post Macy Grey Talks About the… Keep Reading

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10 Movies To Look Forward To During the First Half of 2019

The pop-culture sphere may still be buzzing about last year’s films in the buildup to award season, but stoners are already looking forward to the next batch of entertaining movies they get to see in theaters. From action-packed thrillers to stoner comedies, 2019 looks like it will be stacked full of enjoyable titles for moviegoers… Keep Reading

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