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The High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma 2024 Returns

Oklahomans, get ready to prepare your body, mind, and soul to take part in the High Times Cannabis Cup! We’re thrilled to highlight some of Oklahoma’s best products that have proven to be reliable and potent medicine for patients across the state. We’re not hiring cannasseurs to do the job though—that responsibility is reserved for… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: The Grown Up (1981)

Always we awake to our metamorphosed condition, to the awareness that the strange body in the bed is our own. Women awake and discover, after centuries of dreaming, that they are men. Worms awaken into birds and music bursts from their astonished throats. An elderly businessman awakes and knows himself to be a plane tree:… Keep Reading

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Flashback Friday: Nightmares

You wake up suddenly, hands convulsing, arms rigid, body drenched in sweat. Then you say relax, it was only a dream. Only a bad dream. Read More Author: High Times / High Times Keep Reading

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