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From the Archives: The Death of the Father (1984)

My father’s funeral was a cold hamburger. I sat across from the funeral parlor in Alhambra and had a coffee. It would be a short drive to the racetrack after it was over. A man with a terrible peeling face, very round glasses with thick lenses, walked in. “Henry,” he said to me, then sat… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: Snowblind (1977)

By Robert Sabbag Brown Gold Coffee, imported and packaged by the Andes Coffee Corporation of Palisades Park, New Jersey, is, as its label points out, “100% Colombian.” A unique blend of Medellin Excelso and the Armenia Excelso coffee beans, the label adds, it is “worth its taste in gold.” Cocaine, on the other hand, a… Keep Reading

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Flashback Friday: Stimulants

Whether you’re into coffee, Coca-Cola or cocaine, there’s a world of difference between being up and being strung out. Read More Author: High Times / High Times Keep Reading

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