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The Midwestern Princess

When Chappell Roan joins me on a Zoom call, she’s fresh out of the shower, giving formidable pop star vibes even without the pink fringe and rhinestones. As she chats about needing to paint on her eyebrows, I see that I was correct in my assumption that the artist I’ve been obsessed with ever since… Keep Reading

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The Great Jamaican Patoo Trip

The World Health Organization (WHO), recently citing one of their fresh, dark-timeline COVID-19 pandemic stats, alerted the world that there’s been a shocking/not-shocking 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression in adults across the world. A number which, frankly, begins to feel light when taking into context the various ugly aspects of these increasingly… Keep Reading

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Comedian T.J. Miller Wants You To Be Present

T.J. Miller is beaming. Fresh off the drop of his latest comedy special, he’s about to pause our phone chat to toast his wife when he gets some great news about a Christmas movie. And while film and TV are hitting for the comedian-turned-actor, he’s still very much attached to stand-up comedy and is focused… Keep Reading

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