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Painting in Tongues

Go back far enough and you’ll hit the future. It’s that exact moment of impact DEFER captures. Simultaneously Paleolithic and extraterrestrial, his “spiritual language” lifts the sleep mask of reality and welcomes one into the land of the sacred and eternal.  There’s a timelessness to it, like Rothko, mixed with a little William Carlos Williams… Keep Reading

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Future on Evol, Growing as an Artist, and Cannabis

Two-time Grammy-award winning artist Future is back in the cannabis space with Evol. Carma HoldCo announced on April 14 its partnership with Future to launch Evol, Future’s line of cannabis products made with delta-8 and delta-9 THC, as well as CBD, launching May 2023 in stores across California. Future, along with President and Chairman of… Keep Reading

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Fueled by Cannabis: Pot-powered Athletes are Focusing on Recovery

Despite strict doping rules that can impact the trajectory of an athlete’s future, many former and current athletes stay active with the assistance of cannabinoids. Natural processes in every human body, such as the runner’s high, mimic and overlap with the effects of cannabis. In terms of physical fitness, the science suggesting how cannabis can… Keep Reading

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