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Kool & the Gang Is A Generational Groove

George Brown is grateful for the love. As the esteemed drummer and percussionist for the Grammy Award winning band Kool & the Gang reflects on his career in music, he really wants to thank the fans who have supported the music group across the globe all of these years. “It’s become generational,” Brown said during… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: Drugstore Cowboys (1977)

By George Butler There are a lot of thieves in the South. I’ve seen police crime bulletins that list North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina as the top three states in crime rate. They’re also the hottest states for drugstore robberies, although Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee are also good pickins. In fact, according to… Keep Reading

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A Dive into the Longstanding Love Affair Between Comedians and Cannabis

From Cheech and Chong to George Carlin, comedians have openly experimented with cannabis for eons. As a comedian myself, I find that cannabis shifts my perspective by transforming mundane day-to-day activities into more colorful experiences. For me, it’s easier to see the peculiarities and ridiculousness that life brings after I smoke. If you want to… Keep Reading

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