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Dabbling in Dabs: The History of 710

From the hash and honey oil of the hippie era to the array of consistencies today, concentrates have evolved over time and they’ve come a long way. The 420 holiday, celebrating all things cannabis, gave way to another holiday: 710. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love first smuggled in hash oils from Kabul, Afghanistan in the… Keep Reading

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Psychedelic Documentary Chronicles the 1960s Campaign Trail of a Pig

One of our country’s longest-running hippie communes, the Hog Farm was a ragtag group of free-thinkers helmed by Hugh Romney, later known as Wavy Gravy. Shortly before the Hog Farm set up an ad-hoc free kitchen at Woodstock, they conscripted a 300-pound pig named Pigasus to embark on a cross-country campaign trail bound for the… Keep Reading

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