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Top Brands of 2023

By Jimi Devine, Ellen Holland, and Matt Jackson It’s tough to make it in weed these days, but these brands show us that they can survive and thrive. Here are the cannabis companies that came out on top for us in 2023. Dee Thai Courtesy Dee Thai These solventless rosin edibles break the mold of… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: Pets on Pot (2007)

By Matt Ellis “Hey—let’s get the dog stoned!’’ You’ve heard it before. Hell, you might’ve even been the one who said it—at a party, or when you were bored with some friends, or maybe when it was just you and your pet and you didn’t want to smoke alone. Whether it’s a dog, a cat,… Keep Reading

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Upright Citizens Brigade Co-Founder Matt Walsh is Tapped In

Matt Walsh is pumped up. For the first time in 20 years of operating, the Del Close Marathon will be held in Los Angeles. When we connect by phone, Matt is busy preparing for the 55-hour non-stop weekend of long-form improv comedy shows that run June 28th through June 30th at both UCB locations. Back… Keep Reading

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