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Stripe Says No to Funding Cannabis Journalism, Backs Down After a Fight

In the wake of mass media layoffs and dwindling marketing budgets, many cannabis journalists have turned to independent platforms, like Substack, to build their own audience for reporting on the plant.  Last week, career cannabis journalist and Managing Editor of San Diego Magazine Jackie Bryant joined the troves of ancillary writers being targeted by Stripe,… Keep Reading

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NASA Clears Elon Musk’s SpaceX of Suspected Drug Use

After a major media outlet sounded the alarm about Elon Musk’s suspected psychedelic use, officials at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) were called in, but quickly cleared the billionaire’s company of wrongdoing. This is just the latest round of NASA safety reviews of SpaceX after a series of pot- and psychedelic-related stunts by… Keep Reading

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The Absurdity of Halloween Sadism

For decades, community members, police, and media outlets have warned of the dangers of tampered Halloween candy. Razorblades, poison, and pot are all supposedly “threats” stuffed in treats this time of year. But is that actually the case? Where Did The Pot-Laced Candy Myth Originate? While few “Halloween Sadism” cases have existed over several decades,… Keep Reading

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