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Brand Spotlight: Tonic

As someone who started in the medical cannabis space, I was completely freaked out when the hemp CBD craze emerged. To this day, there’s no head of the hemp world. That’s why, for many years, when someone asked for a reliable CBD topical for sore muscles or a tincture for mental calm, I recommended TONIC.… Keep Reading

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The American Medical Association Voted To Approve Drug Decriminalization

The American Medical Association (AMA) voted to support drug decriminalization recently on June 12. During the AMA’s annual House of Delegates meeting that was held in Chicago, Illinois, said MD/PhD candidate Ryan Englander. “The war on drugs is quite reminiscent of the phrase, ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves,’” Englander said. “We have tried… Keep Reading

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Claims of Misconduct Mar MDMA Research for PTSD

Medical research into using the psychedelic MDMA to treat post-traumatic stress disorder is being called into question following allegations that a clinical trial investigating the treatment was potentially tainted by misconduct.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently conducting a review of the psychedelic commonly called ecstasy for patients with PTSD. The treatment is… Keep Reading

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Study To Determine Impact of Cannabis on Driving Ability Delayed

An Australian trial that will investigate the impact of medical cannabis on driving ability won’t be finished until late 2025. The Guardian reports that Australian cannabis advocates are disappointed that the Victorian government appears to be delaying the study despite the issue being called a priority. In February 2023, then-state premier Daniel Andrews pushed to… Keep Reading

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New Hampshire Senate Passes Cannabis Legalization Bill

Medical cannabis is legal in New Hampshire, but recreational use has only been decriminalized, not legalized. However, the New Hampshire Senate recently approved of a cannabis legalized bill in a 14-9 vote on May 16, and it’s the farthest that any cannabis legalization bill has reached to date. If passed into law, House Bill 1633-FN-A… Keep Reading

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Pakistan Creates Regulation Agency To Manage Medical Cannabis Program

Recent moves in Pakistan to embrace medical cannabis could open many doors for the South Asian country. In February, an ordinance was passed by Pakistan president Arif Alvi which issued the creation of the Cannabis Control and Regulatory Authority (CCRA), “aimed at regulating the cultivation, extraction, refining, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis derivatives for medical… Keep Reading

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Medical Cannabis Program on the Decline in New Jersey

Medical cannabis is at odds with adult-use cannabis industries in most states where recreational cannabis is legal. This is also the case for New Jersey, where its medical cannabis program patient numbers have decreased significantly. According to a recent report published by the New Jersey Monitor, patients believe that the medical program isn’t being maintained.… Keep Reading

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Study: ADHD Patient MMJ Use Leads to Improvements in Anxiety, Sleep, Quality of Life

When it comes to medical benefits, cannabis is often associated with its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and sedative properties. But given the versatile nature of the plant, researchers are looking beyond some of the more common qualifying medical conditions to uncover the full medicinal potential of cannabis.  Though it’s largely under-researched, it’s possible that cannabis could work… Keep Reading

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