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Over 700 Pounds of Ketamine Found in Transformer Statues

A life-size statue of Optimus Prime and other Transformers characters were packed with massive amounts of ketamine, Thai police say. Police in Bangkok, Thailand intercepted about 705 pounds of ketamine hidden inside Transformers statues, marking one of the country’s biggest busts in recent years. The estimated market value is as high as NT$600 million (about… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: The Power of 420 (2003)

By Karen Bettez Halnon Marijuana-smokers, like members of other close-knit groups, have a special language. But often people in the straight-and-narrow world just don’t understand it. Strange and alien to outsiders are words such as nugs, dank, permagrin, wake’n’bake, blunt, bogarting, Rastafarian, Towlie, or even coffeeshops. After 30 years of full-blown marijuana counterculture, outsiders still… Keep Reading

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Burn Coast: The New Great American Weed Novel

Contemporary literature rarely touches on the topic of cannabis, mostly because, like other industries, they’re frightened. By “they” I mean publishers, authors, readers. After all, it is still federally illegal (which you’d think would give it more publicity, like bank robbery). However, earlier this year, the folks over at Unnamed Press published a book by… Keep Reading

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Flashback Friday: Herbs and Paganism

A history of herbs used by the Celts and other pre-Christian tribal societies and their continued ritual use through the centuries, written by Mary Forsell and originally published in the October, 1993 issue of High Times. Before Christianity, polytheism was the religion of choice throughout Europe and the British Isles. To these country people, all… Keep Reading

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