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Massachusetts Lawmakers Push Intoxicating Hemp Regs to 2025

State lawmakers in Massachusetts say a bill to regulate intoxicating hemp products is unlikely to pass this year despite their insistence that regulations are needed.  Massachusetts has legalized and regulated medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis, and both are tightly regulated under state law. Hemp products, however, are generally legal under federal law but unregulated at… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: Celebrating 4/20 and the Pink Moon

We made it through the Retrograde and survived the shit-show of its aftermath! Puff, puff, pass to that. We’re here, it’s officially Spring, and no one can stop us from celebrating. And on this year’s 4/20 cannabis conscious day we are blessed with a particularly auspicious energy. The day before, on 4/19 in the wee… Keep Reading

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