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Higher Profile: R. Gage Amsler, ‘The Strains of War’

U.S. veteran, combat field medic, sometime paramedic and high security specialist “Doc” R. Gage Amsler, otherwise known as Doc Gage, begins his autobiography, “A soldier going to war knows to expect the unexpected,” with Amsler stating he encountered his share of expected and unexpected trauma during his time in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan supporting U.S.… Keep Reading

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Space Case: The 2020 Mars Rover Needs A Name

Right now, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is planning to send a rover to the red planet sometime in July or August of next year. There’s just one problem: NASA doesn’t know what to call it. In an effort to change that, the space agency is inviting students across America to submit proposals to the Mars… Keep Reading

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