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The Legacy of the Weedians

Arik “Moonhawk” Roper has been essential in helping define a visual style for countless bands and projects that use the word “stoner” in their description. His instantly recognizable illustrations look like a cross between something from an old pulp fiction novel and Heavy Metal magazine. The wild, sci-fi fantasy feelings that Roper’s work evokes have… Keep Reading

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Borat is the Hero America Needs and Deserves

In the surprise “Borat” sequel, Sacha Baron Cohen’s unique style of confrontational cringe comedy brilliantly navigates a world in which fact and fiction have become all but interchangeable. Read More Author: Tim Brinkhof / High Times Keep Reading

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Amir K. Went All-In on His Dreams and is Now One of L.A.’s Adored Comedians

A black snap-back hat and a black hooded sweatshirt are part of Amir K’s signature style and current wardrobe as he welcomes me into his home office. Outfitted with acoustic foam and haphazard recording equipment, he’s appropriately named the space “placebo studios.” The outside rain makes it surprisingly cozy.  [Laughs] “We got a candle, we… Keep Reading

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