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How Pot-Consuming Parents Address Weed Use at Home

Parents have a lot to worry about when it comes to their kids. I wouldn’t know because I only own a dog, but I hear it isn’t easy. Social media, school safety, mental health, tech overuse, and diets are all top parent concerns as we head into 2024. For some families, weed is another critical… Keep Reading

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From the Archives: New Year’s Dead (1991)

I had neglected to tell my friend Ed a little dark secret of mine. I figured it wouldn’t matter. I was absolutely convinced that, miracle of miracles, we’d find a way to get in to the New Year’s Eve Grateful Dead show at the Oakland Coliseum—despite arriving without ducats. But we failed, and so there… Keep Reading

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Willie Nelson’s Buddy Won A Nobel Prize For Developing A Cancer Drug

To look at Jim Allison, you wouldn’t immediately think that he’s a Nobel Prize-winning immunologist. He looks more like a harmonica player, which he is, too. In fact, you can occasionally catch him onstage playing with his longtime friend, Willie Nelson. But as a new feature-length documentary reveals, Jim Allison is actually the reason why… Keep Reading

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