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The Prettiest, Trippiest Video Games To Play While High

In the past, I’ve written about how marijuana can make a great movie or show even better than it already is, and the same is true for video games. Small wonder, too. When you play a game, you’re not just watching – you’re actively involved in what’s happening. Add a joint into the mix, and… Keep Reading

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Built to Last: Royal Trux Discuss Cannabis and Latest Album, White Stuff

Written by John Payne Their first long-player in 18 years thrusts infamous alterna-rock outlaws Royal Trux back into the public eye, and hey, it’s not exactly like they never left. No, their new White Stuff album (Fat Possum) is chockfulla the kind of ear-druggy surprises we’ve missed from these badass brutes in the intervening years,… Keep Reading

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Children’s Book Aims to Start the Conversation About Cannabis

A Southern California cannabis activist has written a book, titled What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden, that she hopes will help parents talk with their kids about cannabis and is currently raising the funds necessary to publish the book and offer it to the public. Susan Soares, in an interview with High Times, said she has dedicated… Keep Reading

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