Alicia Keys Wants Us To Let Go

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Alicia Keys tells the crowd more than once that tonight is a night to let go. All eyes and ears lazer focus on Keys and her band, delivering euphoria for the soul.

Ever since her remarkable debut, Songs in a Minor, Keys been nothing if not consistent. She’s produced plenty of hits full of emotions and stories, not only hooks and catchiness, but it’s her albums that keep us coming back. In the last two years, she’s released three, Alicia, Keys, and Keys II, all damn fine additions to her body-of-work. On her World Tour, she continues her 20-year hot streak of mellowing us all out.

That’s what Alicia Keys means to me. She produces music that’s almost like a shoulder to rest your head on, relax, and as Keys says, “Let go.” Many a nights I’ve popped a gummy or delighted in a joint, only to unwind to her debut album or The Diary of Alicia Keys, The Element of Freedom, or most recently, Alicia. These albums flow with a dreaminess and realism that gels well with bud and helps you let go.

High or not, they’re just inspiring works of art from an artiste who can compose, produce, write, and sing the hell and heaven out of these tunes. Keys has always been an artist and a star. During her long-awaited World Tour, she shows her artistry and star power with grand intimacy. When Keys takes the stage, she reminds the audience it’s just us and her band tonight. It’s a few thousand people, give or take, but she makes everyone believe it and feel it.

To start the performance, the screen on stage parts. There’s a silhouette. Keys strikes a pose that gently screams, get ready, and …

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Author: Jack Giroux / High Times

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