All Aboard: The Cannabis Yacht Party That’s The Best-Kept Secret in NYC

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It’s easy to assume that cities like Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle—all located in weed-legal states—have an exclusive lock on the cannabis party and events scene. But a handful of dedicated cannabis pioneers are working hard to ensure that New York City holds its own—despite the lack of legal marijuana in New York state.

This summer marked the sixth annual Float On One of a Kind Yacht Party. With a larger attendance than ever before and high-end production including a huge lineup of cannabis and cannabis products, this weed-themed yacht party is both one of NYC’s best-kept secrets and one of the strongest indicators of the vibrancy of the city’s underground cannabis scene.

Float On One of a Kind Yacht Party: NYC’s Summer Weed Tradition

The Float On One of a Kind Yacht Party first launched in the summer of 2014. Since then, the party has taken place every summer without interruption. Now six years in, the event has attracted a loyal base of return partiers—many of whom mark the cruise on their calendars years in advance—with more and more new people attending every summer.

This year’s yacht party started on Manhattan’s lower east side, cruised down the East River, and settled into the bay for a nighttime view of the skyline before eventually heading back into the city.

Levi Autumn/ New Void CityAlong the way, partiers had access to three decks of cannabis celebration. This included a multiple course marijuana-infused dinner and snacks (non-infused options too), flowers, pre-rolled joints, vape pens, dabs, CBD products, a full-service bar, dance floor, and plenty of outdoor space to vibe out. Additionally, medical marijuana company PrestoDoctor was on board to help connect New York patients to cannabis-friendly physicians.

Celebrating the Diversity of Cannabis

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Author: Nick Lindsey / High Times

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