Are We Too Stoned To See an Impending Alien Invasion?

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It was March 1998, and I was driving northbound on Highway 41 just south of Princeton, Indiana when three bright white, yellowish orbs appeared in the distance above a nearby cornfield. The abrupt nature of such an unexpected sight terrified all who witnessed it. I know this because tires were screeching all around me, as vehicles in both lanes slammed on their brakes, much like I did, as soon as they saw the lights. Every motorist, I presume, gripped their steering wheels in a wild-eyed panic while skidding all over the road trying to avoid crashing into the vehicle in front of them. By the time the boisterous brouhaha had finally subsided, the orbs were hovering directly in front of us in a triangular formation. We now had bigger problems.

What was strange, aside from the obvious, is that these things didn’t appear to fly into the area – not like you might see with an Earth-born aircraft. They just sort of materialized there in the night sky, like they had transported from God knows where to that precise spot in the world. It was eerie, man. One second, everything on that stretch of road was moving along just like any other day and then Boom! Me and a bunch of hicks were suddenly in an episode of The Twilight Zone. It’s not every day that mysterious orbs show up in Podunk, so there were plenty of questions. For starters, what the heck were these things and where did they come from? I had a few guesses.

Sitting there, I began to consider that they may have been part of a brand-spanking new nuclear kill machine being tested by the United States government. “Go ahead and try that mutha out over Southern Indiana, boys. Nobody’s going to miss a few …

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Author: Mike Adams / High Times

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