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416 Hits Bar Stray For the City’s Best Cocktail Experience

Editor’s Note: Last night 416 was hosted by Bar Stray for an amazing night. While this article is not about last night, it’s still about the overall awesomeness that is Bar Stray. Thanks Jillian, for making Bar Stray the #1 place for real cocktails! Bar Stray finds a way to combine upscale artsy with classic… Keep Reading

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Toronto’s Cannabis Retail Lottery Winners

Unless you’ve been in a stoned perma-haze this past month, you’ll know that the government of Ontario completed its lottery selection for retail cannabis licenses today. Toronto will see five cannabis shops open their doors this coming April, with an additional six in the GTA. Toronto Winners: Heather Conlon 398788 SEYEDARASH SEYEDAMERI 425239 Colin Campbell 399836… Keep Reading

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