Bobby Shmurda: Sneaker Store Smokeout

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Let’s set the scene. It’s Brooklyn in 2014 and here comes Bobby Shmurda and GS9 with a song called “Hot N——“ that the streets are going absolutely bonkers over, no matter what corner you turn. It seemed like only moments later there was Beyoncé on stage hitting the Shmoney dance. 

The music video was an accurate portrayal of NYC youth and a glimpse of what it was like when Bobby’s block was in full-on party mode. It didn’t take an intellectual to realize that GS9 was the definition of being outside. 

Meanwhile, as a hip hop purist, I was all the way inside. In spite of that, I was wondering where I heard this beat before. Curiosity killed the cat, and so I did my googling and discovered that sure enough it was from “Jackpot” by Lloyd Banks—a mixtape track Banks wasn’t ever banking on being a hit. In the case of Bobby, his version had him laughing all the way to the bank. Since his return from being on the inside, lately I’ve been seeing him outside more than ever! He’s constantly pulling up to spots promoting his various projects and brands, on top of his regular musical performances nationwide. 

Recently, I was over at an infused-only consumption lounge called Kakes in Long Island City that features a state-of-the-art Japanese air filtration system which I found to be quite pleasant. Their infused treats and drinks are out of this world, and while I was there I had the privilege of sampling The Shmurda Shmores Kookie Sandwich: a unique dessert collaboration they did with Bobby Shmurda and his Hoochie Daddy brand. It’s a scrumptious cookie sandwich, loaded with marshmallow, buttercream, graham cracker dust and chocolate drizzle, between two chocolate chip cookies with …

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Author: Seth Zaplin / High Times

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