Cannabis YouTuber Chrissy Harless’s Channel Deleted Without Explanation

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According to an interview on April 5 with WeedTube Co-founder Arend Richard, creating cannabis video content is Chrissy Harless’s livelihood. “It is my [sole] income. It is my business. HarlessMediaGroupLLC. It is… the way that my husband is now at home working with us. How we are able to spend more time with our kids and have happier lives,” Harless said. “[YouTube is] able to promote gambling on ads, pharmaceuticals on ads, alcohol. YouTube [is] able to accept the money from their advertisers to promote it in ads. These are all regulated industries as well, but a content creator isn’t allowed to do the same? I don’t even glorify it. I don’t over consume. I’m very educational.” Harless’s usual content consisted of reviews and unboxing videos for various cannabis-related products.

With the deletion of her channel, Harless estimates that not only her family will be affected, but also the many brands she frequently worked with. “Small businesses. Almost every single one of them is a small business. An Etsy shop or a mom-and-pop kinda situation. It’s a diverse group of small businesses just trying to share something safe.” Harless believes that the account termination may have been caused by linking to these companies and products, but she received no official explanation from YouTube.

Her Instagram account was also banned recently, but after a month of action, she was at least able to regain ownership of it. When asked why she keeps trying, she replied that it’s just what she enjoys doing. “Because I have a passion for it, and I love it,” she explained. “It’s benefited my life and helped me find happiness in my life. And I know that other people will benefit from this. I know that other people do …

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Author: Nicole Potter / High Times

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