Doug Benson On Animashups: High Times TV’s Newest Cartoon Series

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Whether you know him from his catalog of comedy specials, hilarious twitter feed, or weekly podcast, comedian Doug Benson deserves his spot on the Mount Rushmore of cannabis advocacy. From continuously smoking jazz cigarets for 30-days in the name of science to getting Jack Black way too stoned on his podcast, Doug always knows how to get a roomful of strangers to shed their inhibitions and melt into the moment. We caught up with Doug at SXSW to talk about his upcoming tour, his workout regimen for playing “Bane” on Lego Batman and how teaming up with High Times TV in cartoon form for Animashups was the next obvious step in his career.
High Times: Alright Doug, we’ve seen you on the big screen, we’ve seen you on stage, you’re in our ears whispering sweet nothings to us during each podcast—why should people tune in to you in animated form? Doug Benson: The animated me has less blemishes. And he can hold his breath for an incredible amount of time, which is great for holding in bong rips. If you could animate any event in your real life what would it be and why? Oh, definitely the time I was at the Emerald Cup and a dude was smoking cannabis out of a leaf blower. It looked cartoonish but it was real!
High Times TV
How did you get involved with Animashups? Someone asked me if I’d like to see parts of my internet show Getting Doug With High animated, and I said ‘hell yes!’ I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a cartoon? Do you prefer animation or real life?
Animation because in real life I would never get to play “Bane” in a movie, but thanks to Lego Batman I got …

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Author: Jefferson VanBilliard / High Times

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