Elevate Your Summer: Stigma Cannabis Pioneering The THC-Beverage Scene

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It’s almost summertime; lazy, sunny, lake-filled days are almost upon us. The sound of cicadas fill the air, and everyone is reaching for a cold, refreshing beverage to enjoy as they sit back and relax. Let’s all agree; there is nothing better than a lemony, Arnold Palmer to quench our thirst. Oh wait, there is! Beverages like Stigma’s award-winning Lemonade Iced Tea is an elevated version of this classic blend, and if it isn’t at the top your list of summer must haves; it should be.

Since the legalization of adult-use cannabis and hemp derived THC in Minnesota in 2022, the region has been instrumental in pioneering the newest niche – hemp THC beverages. Stigma’s CEO Josh Malowski explains, “Minnesota has become fertile ground for innovation in the federally legal hemp industry, and Stigma is excited to be a big part of that.”

From RSO to D9: A Journey of Healing and Innovation

Maslowski’s journey in founding Stigma was deeply influenced by his mother-in-law’s battle with cancer. Through extensive research, he discovered Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a cannabis extract renowned for its potential in fighting cancer. Inspired by Simpson’s own experience and the anecdotal evidence surrounding RSO’s efficacy, Maslowski and his brother-in-law embarked on crafting their own batch of RSO. Following his mother-in-law’s brain surgery, she started a RSO regiment that greatly contributed to her quality of life. “She lived 24 high quality months instead of the prognosis of 14 months on chemo and radiation. She even kayaked with her grandkids in the final weeks before her passing.”

Spreading the Word, One Sip at a Time

This transformative experience inspired and ignited Maslowski’s advocacy for cannabis and further motivated him. “I wanted to create this brand to destigmatize cannabis and help educate the …

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