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When Fig Farms took first place at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup, it was with the flowers from a single plant. That Banana Fig, a cross of Purple Fig with Banana Split, was exceptional enough to propel the company to what it has become today—one of the most well-respected and prolific creators of new kinds of cannabis. I would be remiss not to say upfront that the unique cultivars put out by Fig Farms rank among the most exquisite indoor pot I’ve ever smoked.

“Winning that cup was special to us,” Keith Healy tells me from an office within his Oakland, California grow facility. “It changed our lives. The next day we got offered this space.”

And the space, which Healy and his wife and business partner Chloe run together, is an incredibly impressive operation. Across from the large boardroom table where we are sitting is a fridge filled with 12 different kinds of cannabis pollen, and Chief Sales Officer Mike Doten is pulling large plastic bags of yet-to-be-released strain combinations for me to examine and smell. Fig Farms is not only a cannabis flower brand, it’s also the birthplace of new types of pot through its extensive breeding program.

“Every two-and-a-half, three months, we’re popping 500 seeds,” Keith says. “We try to pop about at least 50% ours and 50% somebody else’s. I think that the biggest hurdle is that we might find something that’s extremely special to us but doesn’t have the highest THC. Or we find things that are just so special like right now we’re dealing with like 20 plants where we can’t decide which one we’re going to put in the marketplace.”

Keith admits he has a hoarding problem when it comes to amassing cannabis genetics. The Fig Farms room for …

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Author: Ellen Holland / High Times

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