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Amanda Reiman has worn many hats in the cannabis space. After receiving her PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, she was named Director of Research and Patient Services at Berkeley Patients Group, one of the oldest dispensaries in the country. 

She also became Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance, a national non-profit set-up to draft and lead campaigns of initiatives across the U.S. and abroad. 

As if this part of her resume isn’t impressive enough, Reiman also taught courses on substance abuse and treatment, and drug policy at U.C. Berkeley for 10 years.

As an internationally acclaimed cannabis expert and public health researcher, she’s been dubbed “The Brain” by Elle.com, she’s a leader in the area of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs, presenting her research on cannabis dispensaries and the use of cannabis as a substitute for opiates all over the world.

Also an expert on local, national and international cannabis policy, Dr. Reiman was named the first Chairwoman of the Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission; also sitting on the Oakland Cannabis Regulatory Commission. 

Reiman Finds Personal Plants

Reiman recently founded Personal Plants, a multi-media platform supporting home cultivation and processing of therapeutic plants. The site hosts articles and videos of experts teaching every aspect of growing a beneficial garden; with how-to guides on harvesting, processing and recipes for making remedies from the garden.

She says there are three different types of folks, those who grew up gardening with a green thumb; those who have always felt they can’t grow anything; and those who have no idea how to form relationships with plants, good or bad. 

“I fell in love with the act of growing my own medicine,” she shared. “One of my first …

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