How To Create An Artful Flower Arrangement With Cannabis

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Over the course of the last few thousand years, the art of flower-arranging has come so far, it almost seems like there’s nowhere left for it to go. But thanks to a burgeoning popular acceptance of cannabis, there’s an entirely new way to decorate with “flower,” and one SoCal-based wholesale cannabis delivery company wants to help show you how.

To understand the state of flower-arranging today, we need to look to the past. The recorded history of flower arranging extends as far back as 2,500 BCE, when ancient Egyptians used bouquets to decorate dinner tables and honor departed loved ones, not unlike today. Later, the Greeks and Romans also showed an affection for flower-arranging, and were especially partial to unconventional plant material such as acorns, ivy, parsley, and the ubiquitous laurel leaves, which continues to bring to mind athletic competitions and film festivals alike.

Meanwhile, flower-arranging became a big part of the culture in ancient China, specifically in the worlds of religion and medicine. Buddhists were squeamish about ending the lives of growing things, but various seed-bearing plants still held different symbolic meanings and were often depicted in paintings and carvings. The Byzantine Empire saw the introduction of ribbons to complement increasingly artful floral displays, while ikebana — the Japanese art of flower arrangement — became popular beginning in the 7th century, and there are still more than 1000 different schools of ikebana today.

Monks in the Middle Ages loved gardens, and flowers started to make their way into European books and artwork about a thousand years ago. Flower-arranging in Europe really took off during the Renaissance, and became increasingly visible through the Baroque period, becoming a full-fledged phenomenon during the Victorian era. The 20th century brought us florists who deliver, and a result, giving flowers has become one of the biggest …

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Author: Tanja M. Laden / High Times

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