Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #37: Back Out West

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Alright friends. On this beautiful morning—the morning of Hall of Flowers—I wanted to drop a surprise Cop List detailing a few more highlights that surrounded our favorite day of the year before I get lost in the sauce and forget about ‘em. Lots of great drops happened on or around 4/20, and despite being in New York for the holiday and upstate now for the Emerald Cup judges retreat yesterday & Hall of Flowers today, I couldn’t let these gems fall by the wayside.

While this one has several frequent flyers on it, it’s got several of my favorite picks ever as well, and a few fun bonus guys just for kicks. You know the drill. Maybe I’m getting old but I feel like I need to acknowledge that as much as I complain about the state of the larger industry and the overall sinking quality of products, the top guys just keep getting better.

As always, blow me up on twitter if you hate any of this, or just ping me with the new heat I should check out. My lungs are your lungs, and we’re all in this together.

Life Is Not Grape’s LameZ

Pictured: The Birria Pack. Not pictured: LameZ

You might’ve seen me tease this on my IG story earlier this year when he had finished his initial test batch (which was only 6 plants by the way—does it get any smaller batch than that?). I got excited, I jumped the gun. I’m sorry. It will probably happen again. BUT, my friends, fret not as the time has finally come to let the rest of the world into the fold. Fresh on the rec market, LING’s got a run of his original Z, that he’s dubbed …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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