Jon’s Stone Cold Cop List: Fully Legal (21st Edition)

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If editions were years we’d be legal. Wild.

I promised you two this month, and skating in just under the buzzer, here we are getting back up to speed. It’s almost alarming how many of these exist at this point — I have smoked a LOT on all y’all’s behalf, but I’m certainly not complaining. Simply pointing it out because I finally made a spreadsheet with all the picks I’ve made since the first edition to make sure I’m not repeating anything, and it is LONG! If you’ve been riding with me for awhile now thank you for your continued support, I have a hell of a good time putting this together for ya’. If you’re just joining us, the next graph will get you up to speed.

As we get into 4/20 season there’s always a ton of new (frankly bullshit) on the market, but you know how we do over at the Cop List, we see through the smoke & mirrors. We’re not playing into your gimmicks here, we’re smackin’ the bologna away like it just made a joke about Will’s wife (I will not be over that for months) and bringing you the real. Keep an eye out for a special edition next month around the holiday, and as always, let me know on Twitter anything I missed, or what’s got you excited!

The Wormhole

Courtesy of Artisan Canna CigarsY’all know I like joints, and even more when they have the wood tips, but y’all, I think I found the holy trinity. A wood-tipped, hash-cored, true artisan handroll you’ll actually enjoy smoking. Handcrafted by Artisan Canna Cigars, the guys who have been making Thai-stick and Cannagar style hand rolls for ages, have …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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