Most Affected: Dan Muessig, Sentenced Five to 80 Years

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By the time you read this, Dan Muessig will have been sentenced to between five to 80 years in federal prison. 

Sentenced on March 8, 2022, Muessig faces an uncertain length of time in one of the U.S. federal prisons across the country. He finds himself in the predicament over two charges: conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute cannabis. The Feds allege that he and his group moved between 220 and 880 pounds of pot in the Pittsburgh area. 

An Early Introduction to Legacy Cannabis

Muessig doesn’t deny his involvement in the Orange Box Crew, whose motto was “No Grows Just Bows.” He acknowledges having a history with pot dating back to his early days growing up in the Jewish, urban enclave of Squirrel Hill. Likening his upbringing to the movies Kids meets Goodfellas, Muessig said his youth and early adult life was filled with friends skateboarding and tagging, battle rapping and getting involved in pot. He went to the same high school that produced Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa just a few years later, Taylor Allderdice High School. 

He had been exposed to pot long before high school. “I grew up in nothing but people smoking weed, selling weed,” he told High Times six days before his sentencing. “There was always large-scale, organized cannabis trafficking in Squirrel Hill,” he said, adding that it was common to see pot sales going on. Eventually, he got asked to run favors for local legacy operators in Pittsburgh and, later on, in college at Temple University in Philadelphia.

He said, “Instead of being asked, ‘Hey kid, wash my car,’ it was, ‘Hey kid, run to the store and grab me some blunts.’” In time, Muessig and his crew would form what he described as a “legacy trap.” At the same time, his battle …

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Author: Andrew Ward / High Times

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