New Documentary Details Murder of Cannabis Advocate Les Crane

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Cannabis advocate Les Crane was murdered nearly 20 years ago, and a newly announced documentary tells the story and analyzes who might have killed him.

On November 18, 2005, multiple gunshots were heard in Crane’s home in Laytonville, California. At first it was called a home invasion, but over the past two decades, Crane’s closest family and friends who remain believe it may have been law enforcement. “The documentary seeks to unravel the case by interviewing a number of people involved,” a press release published on Kym Kemp. “In addition, it will include footage of law enforcement and cannabis from the time to give the flavor of what was occurring.”

The promotional teaser for Who Killed Les Crane? NorCal Cannabis Murder Mystery includes brief clips from different people who knew Crane, such as Sean Dirlam (the “only surviving witness to the murder of Les Crane”), Tim Blake (local cannabis advocate and founder of The Emerald Cup), Jeremiah Crane (Les Crane’s son), and Jennifer Crane (Les’ widow).

According to Blake, the mid-2000s were a tumultuous time for the cannabis industry. “You had the DEA all over the place, they’re looking for everything, shutting down the indoors, coming after all of us, gauntlet on the road, it was intense,” Blake said. “And here comes this, you know, boisterous, loud guy from the east coast, [with] east coast accent, wanting to all these, you know, things. You know, they were going to take him out,” he said of Crane.

An unnamed speaker in the trailer described Crane as being responsible for growing thousands of pounds of cannabis every season.

Another interviewee, Patrick Duff, described Crane from his own point of view. “He was the one that tried to change the industry before anybody did,” Duff said in the trailer. “He was …

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Author: Nicole Potter / High Times

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