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As cannabis came out of the dark ages, brothers Daniel and Bryan Eatmon, aka Old E and Bleezy, of Mendo Dope gave the world one of its first insider glimpses into the Emerald Triangle. Sure we had Weed Wars, a limited reality show series that debuted in 2011, but not long after, Mendo Dope started giving us an authentic look at the hill in between the tunes and very reputable cannabis they were growing.

Old E and Bleezy popped their first cannabis seeds in the valleys of Mendocino County, California in 2006. That was still very much the dark ages of the Bush administration era, but compared to what was going on in the neighborhood they didn’t have a lot to worry about with their single plant.

“It was in our mom’s backyard. From there, we gradually got to grow a couple more plants the next year, and a couple more plants for the next year, until we really got our own spot and were able to do our first patch,” Old E told High Times. “It was like 12 or like maybe 15 plants.”

As they continued to get more dialed in, the plant size jumped before the plant count did. Many people considered that the safer course of action back in the day. They would start growing the monsters that they have become famous for over the last 11 years, starting in 2012.

During all this development on the cannabis side, things were also pumping along on the music side as they shared the culture they were raised in through their tunes.

“The tunes and the cannabis have been side by side from the beginning,” Old E said. “Back before we grew our first seed I was into freestyling with some friends back in high school, working on a little bit of …

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Author: Jimi Devine / High Times

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