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Comedian Stavros Halkias is ready to chill the fuck out. After blazing through the comedy scene over the past year—self-producing his debut comedy special, Live At The Lodge Room, and recently dropping his first Netflix special, Fat Rascal, just over a year later—the New York-based comedian hailing from Baltimore is ready to finally rest for a minute.

“I’m tired of hotel rooms and Delta lounges,” Halkias said during a recent phone conversation. “I’m looking forward to sitting on my couch, smoking weed, and just zoning out for a couple of months.”

It’s a well-deserved respite for a man who’s been in the spotlight seemingly overnight. But a look under the hood reveals Halkias has been hitting the road hard in preparation for his first Netflix special—shooting it less than a year after Lodge Room dropped—while simultaneously continuing with his podcast Stavvy’s World and writing and shooting an indie movie Let’s Start A Cult which is expected to drop this year.

Throughout our conversation, Halkias opened up on his path to success, his relationship with weed, and how thinking he wasn’t going to “make it” helped his comedy career unfold in a fun, organic way that ultimately led to success.

High Times Magazine: Growing up in Baltimore, was pursuing comedy always the goal?

Stavros Halkias: It was a weird thing because, in the back of my head, I knew I always wanted to pursue comedy, but it was this forbidden thing because I’m the firstborn son in an immigrant family.

I was good at school. I went to school on scholarship, and everyone expected me to become a lawyer or something. Comedy was something I could never fully admit to openly but was something I knew I wanted to …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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