Psilocybin Treatment Centers Bill Vetoed by Arizona Governor

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Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill on June 18 that would have permitted the use of psilocybin in designated treatment centers.

If House Bill 1570 became law, it would have granted $5 million in annual funding to go toward psilocybin therapy. The Department of Human Services would have been in charge of the program and developing a regulated approach to licensing therapy centers as well as facilitators who would be trained to assist patients through the experience. Additionally, the Arizona Psilocybin Advisory Board would have also been created, consisting of a variety of members such as the governor, attorney general’s office officials, military veterans and first responders, physicians, and researchers. It would be the responsibility of the board to make recommendations for the law, conduct studies, and ultimately develop a program with which to train staff to work at therapy centers.

According to her veto statement, Hobbs explained her stance on the bill. “The state’s psilocybin research advisory board established last year recently issued its annual report, with a clear message: although psilocybin may be a promising treatment in the future, we do not yet have the evidence needed to support widespread clinical expansion,” Hobbs said. “Arizonans with depression and PTSD deserve access to treatments that may be seen as outside the mainstream, but they should not be the subject of experiments for unproven therapies with a lack of appropriate guardrails.”

In her letter, Hobbs continued by adding that the cost of $400,000 per year was not included in the FY25 budget. “Last year’s budget included $5 million for psilocybin research which will be allowed to continue with this year’s budget,” she concluded. “This will allow research to take place with a goal to ensure that those who seek psilocybin treatment are doing so confidently and safely under proper supervision …

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Author: Nicole Potter / High Times

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