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California’s Emerald Triangle is world renowned for growing some of the best cannabis anywhere, but there are many unknown valleys full of incredible flowers, and the Anderson Valley is one of them. While many know towns like Covelo, for their famed Sour Diesel, surprisingly few have smoked the big buds coming out of places like Boonville or Philo. 

What’s Great for Wine is Great For Ganja

The Anderson Valley is a long narrow valley, whose unique west/east orientation perfectly channels ocean breezes and cool fog twice a day, keeping temperatures relatively stable and mild, which has made it a popular wine growing region. Hue Freeman, the co-owner of Anderson Valley Reserve (AVR) and Sol De Mendocino (SDM), has lived in the Anderson Valley for over twenty years. “When you live in Mendocino county you do what comes naturally,” said Freeman, which for him meant starting a cannabis garden again. In 2016, Freeman met his growing partner, Ryder Wooten, who introduced him to biodynamic cultivation, right when Mendocino’s zip tie program got started and allowed them to grow legally. While Freeman didn’t move to Philo to grow cannabis, he discovered “the climate was unbelievably perfect, what is great for wine grapes is also good for great ganja.” Due to the cool coastal breezes and the blanket of fog at lower elevations, Freeman said the “general temperature range in the summer is 50-90 degrees,” but it can get over 100 in the valleys east of them, which “burns the trichomes and inhibits the terpenes.”

Hue Freeman / Photo by Mitchell Colbert

Jim Roberts lives just up the road from Freeman, where he runs the Bohemian Chemist (BC) and the Madrones. “It’s an idyllic climate” said Roberts, “We have a marine influence which is really key, we have warm days …

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Author: Mitchell Colbert / High Times

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