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Of all the cities in California, few get less credit for their contributions to our collective culture than the state’s capital, Sacramento. Long dubbed the “City of Trees,” while it has certainly become a major hub for the cannabis industry, there’s also an incredible art community growing through the cracks that’s quietly powering the more visual aspects of the business. A perfect example of one of these aesthetic wizards is the Yellow Brick Group (YBG) crew. Best known throughout the country for their work with Alien Labs, the reach of YBG actually spans far further than cannabis—especially in the city they call home. 

Founded by a group of long-time friends, Curtis Currier, Damian Lynch, and Shawn Kahan, in the few short years since its inception in 2018, YBG has already run the agency gamut. This includes creating brand identities and designing and producing merchandise and installations, and throwing their own events to support the community and cultures that they love and represent.

When it comes to supporting Sacramento, it’s clear there’s little that these guys think about besides putting on for their hometown. Given the amount of Our Street Night Markets they’ve thrown, it’s all too apparent that any free time (or money) they manage to find goes back toward shining the spotlight on the local delicacies they cherish so dearly, many of which are owned by their family and friends, old and new.

High Times Magazine, September 2023

“Everybody was leaving Sacramento,” Kahan tells me. “So many businesses that I know, that I grew up around, were closing down… Friends, you know, losing their houses… We wanted to create that revolving door where people feel like they can stay here and work on really cool stuff. That they don’t have to leave, …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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