Real Life Situations: The Allure of FELT

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Deep in the entrails of Miami-Dade County, two relatively unknown individuals are working harder and dropping better clothes than most high-end designer brands.

I am by no means a fashion or streetwear guy (writers can’t afford to dress nice, trust me) but I’ve been obsessed with FELT since it first crossed my Twitter feed in 2020 when I saw Da$h wearing some of their stuff. I dug a little deeper and lost my absolute shit when I saw the incense chamber sculpted into a mushroom patch. After that I started noticing the brand on all my favorite artists including Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, and Freddie Gibbs to name a few. I had to know more.

FELT is owned by two guys, Kosta and Louie, who officially founded the company in 2015 in New York before moving back to their hometown of Miami in 2020. They’re basically hell on wheels if the wheels were attached to a Dodge Charger and greased with codeine. Kosta is a self-professed madman and describes Louie as a young Puerto Rican Johnny Depp (though admittedly without the high-level court appearances). They both grew up in Miami. Kosta is a book worm who loves Hunter S. Thompson, Louie can cook better than anyone and can usually be found in a gas station white t-shirt drinking some exotic soda. They also have six beautiful pitbulls between them who I’d easily pick in a fight over most grizzly bears.

“We wanted to start a magazine called Southern Cut, and then inside the magazine, we needed ads. We didn’t really know anybody, so we just made fake ads that said FELT. And then we were like, those are kinda sick,” Kosta said.

The duo has released some truly beautiful work together and have pushed the boundary for …

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Author: Patrick Maravelias / High Times

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